Bill Gray was liberated on 28 March. He’s already on his new job. He had a two-month job search. A short search is possible if you don’t listen to all the naysayers in the media and if you do the hard work necessary. Congratulations Bill; I’m very proud of you!

– Dave

– – – – –


I am sorry that I will not be able to make it this Friday as I will be working! I did get the job at Delta and was able to negotiate a higher salary than what was listed. I received a call the same day as my interview, but chose to keep the news to less than five people for a little while. It is still not what I was making, but it does pay better than the DOL.

I would like to thank you for the help and inspiration you not only provide to me; but all those who seek and need the help. I will continue to advocate JobSeekers to all those who still need it.

My name is Bill Gray – and I am employed!

Best regards,

– Bill