Career Services

Get off the sidelines. Get back in the game. Play to win.

Tailored Approach

Since we are a high quality, low volume career management firm, we tailor our approach for every single client to best meet his or her needs. If you don’t see career services that meets your needs, let us know — we can work something out. Our purpose is to help you…

  • Get focused.
  • Get prepared.
  • Get off the sidelines.
  • Get back in the game.
  • Play to win.

Services are available in person, over the phone, by email, and via Zoom. To inquire about our services, contact us.

Career Services

What’s the biggest challenge you are facing in your job search right now? What’s the #1 thing standing between you and a new job? We will meet you right where you are and address that challenge in a very practical way. Here are most of the areas where we can assist:

  • World-class résumés (Word, PDF, text)
  • Amazing LinkedIn profiles
  • Comprehensive career planning
  • Unique brand-building messages
  • In-depth interview training
  • Results-oriented preparation for a specific interview or presentation
  • Personalized communication plans
  • Customized marketing strategies
  • Proven networking methods
  • Advanced LinkedIn and social media instruction
  • Powerful negotiating techniques
  • Effective job search guides
  • Professional business cards
  • Authentic career coaching
  • Laser-focused small business coaching

Market-Ready in Minimum Time™

Market-Ready in Minimum Time™ is unique in the career management industry. Since we believe strongly in the old adage, “time is money,” we don’t waste any time getting you off the sidelines and back in the game.

Click here to learn more about Market-Ready in Minimum Time™.

One week could change your life – or at least your career.

Follow-On Services

After you prepare for your job search and launch your campaign, we can partner with you to during the third phase – campaign management. This will give you the best chance to find new, meaningful work in the minimum time. The MRMT process gave you the strategy, weapons and skills you need to prepare and launch your campaign. We hold you accountable for doing the high payoff activities that lead to success.

We have helped clients negotiate higher salaries, expedite the interviewing process with one company when another company has made an offer, and prepare for interviews where the employer has immediately eliminated as many as four other competitors because they were “blown away” by the quality of our client.

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