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Turn Connections into Relationships, and Relationships into Results.

Are you interested in learning more about LinkedIn? … taking it beyond the basics of the profile page? … leveraging its power so you can shorten your search, earn more money, and get better results?

LinkedIn is a social media and job search tool you cannot ignore:

  • 20+ million jobs are posted on LinkedIn globally according to LinkedIn
  • 830+ million users in 200 countries; 188+ million in the U.S. See the graphic below.
  • 40 million students and recent college graduates; their fastest-growing demographic according to LinkedIn
  • 93% of employers use LinkedIn as a key recruiting tool (multiple sources)
  • 57th most visited website on earth; #27 in the U.S. – according to Alexa — see details below

Advanced LinkedIn Labs / Social Media Training

Participate in an Advanced LinkedIn Lab in small group, hands-on setting. Training takes place frequently. Please contact us for pricing and details.

We worked with a client that wanted to return to Toronto after being laid-off from his position in metro Atlanta. We used advanced search filters on LinkedIn to find 107 Toronto-based recruiters who place professional engineers like him in Canada. After sending out invitations, 63 connected within five days. A second message from the client netted dozens of requests for his résumé, seven telephone interviews, and three face-to-face interviews. One of these led to him landing a great new job a short time later.

LinkedIn is a robust database that is grossly underutilized by the typical job seeker. You can open up a world of possibilities if you learn to mine the data it has to offer.

We can help!

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Alexa’s most visited sites in the U.S.

1. Google
2. Youtube
3. Amazon
4. Facebook
5. Yahoo
6. Zoom
7. Reddit
8. Wikipedia
9. MyShopify
10. eBay

27. LinkedIn


Accessed 10/13/2020


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