Outplacement Consulting

Equip Your Departing Employees for Success


The information on this page is an overview of our outplacement services. As an overview, it is not meant to give you every detail about every service, nor are the services below meant to be your only choices. If you don’t see a service that meets your needs, let us know — we can work something out. At O’Farrell Career Management, we work with organizations, individuals and small groups to make change work and help growth happen. Our core skills are:

  • Career coaching and consulting
  • Translating theory into application with real time, hands-on training and development
  • Creating the most complete, most professional set of job search weapons available anywhere
  • Using technology, including social media, in the most effective and efficient manner
  • Keeping clients positive, focused and motivated


Manager Training

Most managers say the toughest thing they have to do is let someone go. O’Farrell remembers having to let a salesman go many years ago. For months he had asked the VP of Sales to approve the sales rep’s dismissal. The VP finally said yes; he had to do the deed on December 18 — one week before Christmas. Fortunately, he had some training on how to break the news and preserve the dignity of the young man who was notified. Things went as well as possible under the circumstances.

We recommend a brief training session for you and the notifying manager to make sure you deliver the message in the most humane and effective way possible.


Career Transition Orientation

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of this news — as O’Farrell has — you know what a shock this can be to your system. We help the employee(s) process the information, tell their loved ones, and manage the first few days of unemployment more effectively.

One fellow O’Farrell met with immediately after his termination had been on pins and needles for several months. He said, “For a long while I was afraid they were going to fire me, then for a while I was afraid they wouldn’t!” He was relieved to know what his status was. We recommend an orientation session immediately after notification so your employee can leave the premises knowing that they will be in good hands.


Individual Outplacement Services

Most of our work is in providing individual career transition services. We work with your departing employees to get them Market-Ready in Minimum Time™ and then we support them for a certain length of time during their job search.

The concepts of job search are simple; it’s the application that’s hard. Everyone has his or her own story to tell. Group meetings, web-based training, and 15-minute consultant meetings don’t get the job done. We take the time to listen to each person’s story, and then take a very proactive approach to developing the strategy, weapons and skills to find meaningful work in today’s economy.

Visit our Career Services page for more information.


Group Outplacement Services

When you have to release a group of people at one time, we can work with you to find the optimum level of service that is within your budget. We’ve developed the most effective process in the outplacement industry to handle larger groups of employees. We have worked with groups of up to 108 departing employees at a time to get them Market-Ready in Minimum Time™.

On a project a many years ago, O’Farrell helped to provide résumés to 181 out of 182 departing employees. Many, (about 20%), barely spoke English, but he found a great way to create a good résumé for all of them. For a comment from the HR manager about this project, read the quote from Bob DeVed on the testimonials page.

Visit our David vs. Goliath page for more information about individual services.

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