David vs. Goliath

Overcome the “McOutplacement” Syndrome

Personal Service vs. the Big Outplacement Firms

The Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review have used the word “McOutplacement” to describe the high-volume, low cost (from an operational standpoint) service of the big firms. It’s like a health club; owners want a lot of people to join, but they would be crushed if every member came to work out three times a week.

Dave knows. He used to work at one of those firms. Here are our seven key differentiators:

  • Market-Ready in Minimum Time™. After working with 7000+ people in transition, we have streamlined the process creating world-class résumés, developing tools, and learning skills to launch a job campaign. Many clients have said they got more in three days from us than they did in three months at other firms.
  • Longer, more frequent consultant meetings. Our typical client meetings are two or three hours in length vs. 15-55 minutes. This helps to overcome the “McOutplacement” syndrome and provides a truly customized transition plan. Their consultants (often inexperienced contractors) have a caseload of 100+ clients.
  • Real time, hands-on help. We are the only known firm that works side-by-side with clients to produce résumés, cover letters, and other campaign collateral. We produce documents as we speak vs. having the client develop materials on their own, and then wait 24-48 hours for turn-around time.
  • Complete set of marketing collateral. We work closely with each client to prepare more collateral than any other firm. We build a complete marketing and communications plan (40+ pages vs. 2-5 pages from other firms). More tools developed in less time means our clients get back to work sooner.
  • Best skill training. We’re not just talk, but action too. Clients receive 18-21 hours of personalized skill training. When Dave was with one of the world’s three largest career management firms, he was amazed they did very little role-playing with clients, even though they advertised it as a key piece of the service.
  • No out-of-date databases. When the big firms go up against a boutique, they pivot to hype their databases. They cut costs and quality by driving clients to scalable online training. Clients tell us their databases are often years out of date; the webinars and databases provide little or no value.
  • One more thing. We have one more key differentiator that we are not willing to post online. If we did, other firms would say they do it too. Don’t believe them. We’ve done a lot of checking. They don’t. We did find one other boutique firm in another part of the country that provided this service for a client.

Only Outplacement Firm on the South Side of Atlanta

We are the only firm on the South Side of Atlanta devoted exclusively to outplacement and career management.

  • Short commute. Clients have a short drive vs. a 100-plus mile round trip to the north side of Atlanta. Clients are more likely to use — and benefit from — our service. Clients get to meet other Southsiders and share leads and form friendships with people in their community.
  • Local network. Clients benefit from interacting with a firm that has a strong local network; we have over 12,000 people in our databases; most of them are in south metro Atlanta. This gives our client the best chance of finding a good job, close to home, in minimum time.

David wins again!

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