Market-Ready in Minimum Time™

Shorten your search. Earn more money. Get better results.

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Real-time. Hands-on. Hard work.

Market-Ready in Minimum Time™ is hard work. It’s not a seminar. It’s not theory. It’s application. We teach principles and immediately apply them. You will leave with completed materials such as a world-class résumé, cover letters and business cards. You will also have well-developed networking and interviewing skills, along with social media instruction and a completed LinkedIn profile.

We will accomplish in one week what it takes other firms three weeks (or more) to do – and the O’Farrell process is more thorough and more effective.

Personal attention.

Job search training is unlike any other; everyone comes from a different place and is headed to a unique destination. That’s why the groups have to be so small. Instead of a class with 12-20 people, we typically have three or four participants in a workshop. Every ounce of energy is devoted to helping each person put his or her best foot forward.

Before the workshop, we work individually with each participant to prepare a world-class résumé. During the workshop, we invest almost half our time on networking and interviewing role plays. The rest of the time is devoted to personalizing marketing plans, building skills on LinkedIn, and launching each person’s campaign.

You can’t read a book or a blog and be a good interviewee. You have to try it and get some professional feedback on what works and what doesn’t – and how to correct the response or behavior for maximum impact. We’ve had many clients land the job they used in our interview role play.

In all, you will spend about 20 hours at O’Farrell CM and 20 hours working at home. There is pre-work, homework and post-work. The whole process is very rewarding and builds confience and self-esteem.

Great investment.

MRMT is designed to renew your income stream ASAP. If you view this workshop as an expense, you’ll never come (and neither would we). If you view this as an investment, there are three scenarios that make it worthwhile: you will shorten your search, earn more money, and/or get better results – now and in the years ahead. This could lead to promotions, raises and a shorter job search in the future.

Time is money. For most clients, the investment is equal to a few days’ pay. The prerequisite for MRMT is an O’Farrell CM résumé. We have a credit-card payment plan.

Pre-pandemic, the workshop was usually held on Thursday and Tuesday; there were four work-at-home days in between. We began at 9:00 am and ended at about 5:00 pm both days. The fee included materials, lunches, snacks and drinks.

In-person workshops are still available. We also have virtual workshops and serve clients all across the country. This has proven to be a real leverage point in our service – the agility and technology to meet with anyone, anywhere at a moment’s notice. Just-in-time training and consulting.

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Get your game face on. Get your act together. Get your mojo back.

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