Give ‘em a Fighting Chance


We’ve come across a few people lately who were let go more than two years ago by some leading employers on the south side of Atlanta – and they are still looking for work. It’s still a tough job market out there. Seekers need to be equipped with the strategies, weapons and skills to win the battle. Doing the right thing for the departing employee is not the only reason employers provide outplacement. Here’s another reason to provide outplacement.


Enlightened Self-interest.

Employers provide outplacement service out of enlightened self-interest. Sure, outplacement is the right thing to do; it also makes good business sense. Outplacement firms help take a difficult situation off your hands, they help you reduce the risk of retaliation, and they help you position yourself as an employer of choice.

O’Farrell Career Management helps you minimize the adverse effects of downsizing. We help you soften the blow of letting a person or group go by working with your departing employees to equip them with the required strategy, weapons and skills to find work in this tough job market.

O’Farrell’s 24 years in the outplacement business has shown him that companies want to ease the pain of separation without investing a lot of money. We have operationalized the process of finding a job while adding to the personal interaction necessary to find a good job in minimum time. The skill training we do is unmatched in the outplacement business.

Please contact us if you have to let one or more employees go.

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