Several years ago, I had a brand-new client who told me he would only be considering opportunities in Atlanta or Florida. A few days later he bounded into my office to say he’d accepted a position in St. Louis. Huh? 

Hopefully things worked out okay for him and his family despite the hasty decision.

☑ One bird or two? 
Sometimes a bird in the hand isn’t worth two in the bush. I’ve had several new clients tell me they knew they’d made a mistake before they even started their most recent position. Yet here they are, terminated less than a year after they began their ill-fated job. 

Don’t panic. Don’t jump at the first thing that comes along. 

Stick to your guns and find an opportunity that is a good match for you.

☑ Trade-offs? 
When you get right down to it, you probably will have to make some trade-offs. Your finances, the length and difficulty of your search, and other factors might indicate pragmatism over an ideal job.

Separate the things you “have to have” from things that would be “nice to have.” If all the essential elements are present, then it may be advisable to move forward.

☑ How much am I worth?
One question that comes up for nearly every job seeker concerns #compensation. Although base #salary is what everyone seems to key in on, compensation entails a lot more than that.

One reliable site is View this screen snip of the rich data you get about the comp and #benefits

Basically, this shows you earn $7K per month in comp and $3K per month in benefits.

☑ It’s the benefits, baby.
Oh my goodness, there’s never been a time when benefits from one company to another were so disparate. Healthcare costs might range from $40 to $400 every two weeks. And commuting expenses have never been higher, so #WFH saves boatloads of money.

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