The Business Case for Outplacement

Minimize the Adverse Effects of Downsizing


A Note From Dave

Illustrating the business case for outplacement.

Several years ago I was helping a fellow at church move an organ. Because I’m in the career management business, I frequently ask people what they do for a living. When I asked Jim (not his real name), he said, “I teach school now, but I used to work for so and so, and boy did they screw me over!” He ranted on and on about how he’d been treated unfairly.

I was struck by how much anger was in his voice. I often defuse anger during the first week or two when I work with a client. I guessed he’d been let go recently. “How long has it been since you left them?”

“Three years! Three lousy years!”

The company Jim referred to is here in Fayette County. Most people would recognize the name of the company. How many people had Jim told about his bad experience? How many other people have been let go by this company and were doing the same thing Jim was doing? What impact does this have on the company’s ability to recruit and retain local talent?

O’Farrell Career Management helps organizations minimize the adverse effects of downsizing. We help them soften the blow of letting a person or group of people go by working with departing employees to find new, meaningful work in an optimal time frame.

Since I started my own business, I have operationalized the process of finding a good job. The skill training we do and the weapons we equip each client with are unmatched in the outplacement business. You will find more information about the business case for outplacement and the many benefits of using O’Farrell Career Management as your outplacement service provider throughout this website.

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– Dave

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