Dream Job in Five Weeks

Aaron Gallien


Impressive PowerPoints 😎

John Zhu

Dave’s service is marvelous! While I worked for my previous employer for about 13 years, I learned much more in just two months from O’Farrell’s outplacement service including a professional résumé revision and interview training. His PowerPoint presentations are the most impressive I have ever seen.

He opened the door of hope when I fell to despair from my previous employer’s workforce reduction. Thank you very much! I sincerely recommend him to anyone who needs help.

New position. Higher salary.

Chris Martin

Dave helped me tremendously when I was laid off from work unexpectedly in late 2017. He worked with me to update my résumé (remotely and in office) and his weekly interview training sessions helped me to secure interviews with multiple companies.

He was very encouraging and helpful during a time where I was completely lost! Thanks to his assistance I was able to secure a new position with a higher salary! Dave really cares about his clients, and I would recommend his career services to everyone!

Proven Process

Sadik Habach

Super proud of Sadik. He came through his transition process with flying colors. This is a note he wrote to his HR director to say “thanks.”

– – – – –

I would like to take a moment to share with you my experience with O’Farrell Career Management for the last few months and how much they have helped me as outplacement consultants during my separation process.

They are professionals with many years of experience. The have a proven process to prepare professionals in identifying strengths and opportunities about their careers when phasing out of the difficult situation of being unintentionally separated from an employer. Dave and Stephannie cover with their process all the necessary areas including résumé preparation, market exploration, networking and behavioral interviewing, among others. All these areas really work, based on my own recent experience!

On the personal side, Dave is always there to talk to you about the program and any difficult situations you may be facing. He is a well-prepared career coach and a really nice guy. I’d encourage you to continue relying on his services when you need an outplacement consultant again.

Thanks for your time. Have a great day!

– Sadik Habach

Workshops Were Key

Anne Jacob

Hi Dave. Now that I have several weeks of work behind me, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated all the help, guidance and support you and your team provided during a very trying time. Each week, I was able to take that week’s lesson and enhance my job search efforts.

I truly believe the assignment you gave one week to gather VAR’s made the difference in my case. I left the interview as you had trained us to with the appropriate closing statements. The last thing I did was provide my potential boss with that list of references. He contacted each one of them the following morning, and by the afternoon, the HR manager called me with an offer.

Your workshops were very important to me as I went through some very difficult and emotional times. I will remember all that you and the others did and will highly recommend you to anyone finding themselves between jobs.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Get the Job You Love… Maybe the Job of Your Dreams

Zaffar Akbar

Zaffar Akbar knows the right résumécan lead to the right job. Zaffar shares, “I immigrated to the USA in 1994 with a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Engineering and Technology in Lahore, Pakistan. Growing up, I loved reading car magazines like any boy did. It then became my childhood dream of working in Detroit, the car capital of the world.”

“As newlyweds, my first job was with a used car dealership in Alabama. But I kept looking and found a job with a company in Detroit that designed, constructed and installed paint shops, as we call them in the car industry. It was my dream job. I had to oversee the construction and launch of them in many car plants all over the U.S. It was a learning curve for me for eight years. But unfortunately, they fell on tough times.”

“So I moved to Georgia to a company that built and manufactured external trims for the car industry. It was a great job but I wanted to be challenged; that’s when an opening turned up with a company in Newnan. They manufactured motor-sports vehicles. But in late 2013, I left with my severance pay.”

“I was worried with my wife and kids to support. But thankfully, the company hired O’Farrell Career Management to help me in my next job search. Dave O’Farrell, founder and career coach, updated my résumé and summarized my core competencies, which was construction and installation of paint shops for the car industry. Then he posted me onto LinkedIn. Not a lot of people have that kind of expertise.”

“Dave O’Farrell and Stephannie O’Donnell helped me with mock interviews. I never knew getting one’s résumé right could be so beneficial to getting the right job. When my résumé was posted on LinkedIn, I got a lot of calls and within three weeks, I had my first offer.”

“I moved to South Carolina to a multi-billion dollar company that manufactures automotive external trims for a major luxury car manufacturer. As their Production and Paint Manager, I’m in charge of the complete production of their paint shop.”

“It’s what I love, cars!”