Our Philosophy

» Build brand identity.

          » Demonstrate unique value.

                    » Target great opportunities.

                              » Receive multiple offers.

O’Farrell Career Management provides workshops and individual coaching to people making a job change or career transition. The coaching is a unique, highly focused service devoted to equipping and training you for today’s job market. Our process includes the development of strategy, weapons and skills:

  • Career transition strategy. Focus is key to a successful transition. We get you focused quickly and teach you the methods that lead to job search success in minimum time.
  • Job search collateral. Search requires more than a résumé and cover letter! We help you maximize your efficiency and effectiveness. You get a complete set of collateral — so you can find work faster.
  • Communication skills. You will learn and polish a variety of communication skills that will be used for career advancement long after your search is complete.

Our process at O’Farrell Career Management is unlike any other known firm in the U.S. – probably in the world. We cut through the clutter and reduce a process that takes up to six weeks (at a big career management firm) down to about six days. The remarkable thing is that we do it better in six days than they do it in six weeks.


Create Positive Momentum in Your Campaign

The best weapons in the world won’t do you any good unless you use them. We have a proven strategy to create and maintain positive momentum in your campaign. The method is so effective that some clients have been placed in six-figure positions in a matter of weeks. You have to do the right things, and you have to do them in the right proportions; networking is number one.

We have developed a proven, step-by-step process to launch your campaign. Using our Campaign Implementation Plan, you will get feedback from the marketplace in a matter of days; we can adjust your strategy and approach if conditions indicate a change is necessary.

You deserve a good position at your fair market value.

Services are available in person and over the phone. To inquire about our services, contact us.

We will help you achieve your goals.

# # #