I was thrilled to receive this message on Monday evening from Tracey Christensen. Social media is a very competitive field – a field that is flooded with people who know how to market themselves. Some of them seriously bend the rules of etiquette and decorum to get noticed.

When Tracey and I began working together on January 3rd, we crafted a résumé and developed a marketing plan that was designed to get Tracey noticed. On January 9th, she wrote to me to say that she was offered a 10-week contract. Referring to the company president Tracey said, “He didn’t interview anyone but me BECAUSE OF MY IMPRESSIVE RESUME (his words, not mine).”

That opportunity turned out not to be a good fit for Tracey – and that is typical of the ups and downs of job search. So, if you are having a down week, take heart in Tracey’s message. You too will be “over the moon” soon.

Tracey has been a big help to me during this time as well, and I want to extend my thanks to her from helping me create three Facebook pages and two websites in the past four months.

Thank you Tracey. I am VERY proud of you!

– Dave

– – – – –

Hey Dave, I got a job!!!

This morning I accepted a job offer from Piedmont Hospital, and it goes without saying that I am over the moon! Like any job seeker, this has been a trying process and I know I’ve bent your ear more than once in frustration. My family was fortunate that my husband survived a round of layoffs at his job soon after my “liberation” but I couldn’t seem to find the right fit for me, despite numerous interviews over the past six months. But, I knew each interview prepared me for the next one and the next one and so on.

When I interviewed for this job over lunch just one week ago, I finally felt the connection I had been missing. And… the hiring manager mentioned how much she liked my résumé – the résumé you created for me. While a couple of connections sent my résumé to the department where I’ll be working, the interview actually came from the in-house recruiter vetting me from my online application. I know responding to online ads is about the least effective way to get a job, but that, combined with a lot of prayer and your workshop, worked!

This job is the one I’ve been waiting for and it’s a huge blessing. The offer came in two hours after I sat in silence and asked God to put me in this position IF that was his plan. Now, I know it is. A friend of mine also prayed for me this morning so now we’re debating which one of our prayers was heard – maybe it was both!

Many thanks to you and the Crew for all of your support and knowledge. I’ll miss you all but plan to come to JobSeekers on Friday to say a final good-bye.

– Tracey A. Christensen