You can do it; O’Farrell can help!

Want to know how to make your own luck? Make good decisions. Here’s a story of a good investment. A new resume helped this client land his #1 job at his #1 target company.

Brandon had been looking for a job for almost six months when he finally asked for professional help with his resume. He landed a job less than six weeks later. In fact it was 40 days later.

How cool is that?

Congratulations, I’m very proud of you!

– Dave O’Farrell

– – – – –

Dave, I accepted a job with Home Depot this morning. It is the position I wanted with the company I wanted – how sweet is that?

Thank you again for all of your help with the résumé – I went from one or two calls every couple weeks to a call just about every day.

You open doors!

– Brandon Downs