negotiate a job offer

Jamie Boulet

Super story of how to negotiate a job offer. Had the privilege of helping Jamie write his résumé, ace the interview, and negotiate a job offer for a win-win scenario.When the prospective boss received an email that Jamie and I crafted, he wrote, “Let me talk to Jim and my boss, the CFO, about reconsidering the salary offer. I appreciate the way you approached the topic. It shows great diplomatic abilities which a Manager of Business Development needs.”

Both parties were delighted with the outcome.

Jamie, I’m so-o-o-o-o proud of you!

– Dave O’Farrell

– – – – –


Just wanted you to know that I accepted the offer from APC today. Yeah!

I could not have done this as easily without your teaching, mentoring and guidance. It was so very worth the time and cost to receive your instruction at O’Farrell Career Management.

I’m also appreciative of the JobSeekers’ ministry that you and the Crew lead. It has and will continue to have a profound impact on many people (and their families) in the community.

See you soon.


– Jamie Boulet