Job Transition

Brad Matheny

Man, it was great to get to know Brad Matheny in the past few months. Super guy. Class act. Sorry to learn that he is in Honolulu (without me) today meeting his new teammates.

Can’t help but notice the line in here about Brad’s transition journey being “extremely positive and enjoyable.” Mine was in 1992, and that’s why I knew God was calling me into the career management business and ministry. My hope, and my prayer, is that all job seekers reading this will find positive and enjoyable times during your job search journey.

Congratulations Brad; very proud of you!

– Dave O’Farrell

– – – – –

JobSeekers Ship’s Crew,

I really do not know where to start. Each one of you have given of yourselves so freely and provided me assistance in so many ways. My only wish is that I would remain in the area to help this wonderful ministry and continue to interact with this outstanding group on a regular basis. If there is something I can help with or someone I can help, don’t hesitate to let me know.

I recently accepted a position with Hawaiian Airlines and will be their Senior Manager for Cargo Operations. The position offers so much and I am really looking forward to the opportunities that will be available. I have been extremely blessed. It is bittersweet as we will be relocating. Georgia has been very kind to us; many good things have occurred and we have come in contact with so many wonderful people during our four years since leaving California.

My transition journey, although long, was extremely positive and enjoyable. I will say it was not without rough patches. JobSeekers and the individuals involved provided the support needed during those times.

Your dedication is amazing and I will truly miss you all. Please look me up if you ever find yourself on the islands, I sincerely hope you will. I am connected to you all on Linkedin which I intend to maintain and continue to grow, so no excuses!

Thank you so much. I wish you and your families an outstanding 2013!

Kind regards,

Brad Matheny