dream job

Greg Zanebis

When Greg Zanebis was laid off earlier this year, he wasn’t interested in repeating the mistakes he’d made in 2009. No sir. Even though he received outplacement services from a large career management firm, he decided to invest in a personal service to shorten his search, earn more money, and get better results.

Greg, so very proud of you. Thank you for allowing me to help you land your dream job!

– Dave O’Farrell

– – – – –

Dear Dave,

I wanted to let you know that after five intense months of networking and following your recipe for a successful career search, I’ve been blessed with a dream job offer which I accepted on Monday.

I’ve accepted the role of VP Sales for Morris Business Solutions (MBS). MBS is the largest Xerox dealership in the U.S. They’ve recently been awarded a brand new territory in Charlotte. I will oversee sales and operations beginning Monday, December 2nd.

As you know, I suffered a similar job loss at the beginning of 2009. I wasted several months twiddling my thumbs. It wasn’t until I attended two JobSeekers of PTC meetings did I feel blessed and not lost.

Fast forward four years and I’m part of a massive company layoff again. I wasted no time in reaching out to you. I was determined to keep a positive outlook with lots of prayer and perseverance!

I am so thankful I ‘invested’ in your 1:1 program to get back into the workforce in minimum time! Your marketing campaign letters, personal branding ideas, and networking guidance were priceless. And, quite frankly, the one-day mock job interview we did in your office was the most intense of the 10-15 face-to-face interviews I had with some pretty big corporations including Michelin, Ricoh USA, and Canon.

This time around I felt so confident that I actually passed on four offers before accepting this latest one. My compensation package is more than what you and I discussed and includes excellent commissions and quarterly bonus opportunities. They are also providing me with an apartment for the first six months. Too soon to know when family may move or if I commute back and forth for a year.

I promised I would follow your recipe and it worked!

Feeling truly blessed today!

Thank you Dave!!!

Best regards,

– Greg Zanebis

PS: Passed a church the other day. Sign read, “Worrying only puts question marks where GOD has already placed a period.”