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Frank Vitiello

Want to cut your job search time in half? Read this message that I received this afternoon. Read it carefully to see the learning points about using LinkedIn, networking, looking for a job in the summer, coming to JobSeekers, and using a professional résumé writer. These five things, combined with faith and hard work, cut Frank’s job search time in half – down to less than four months.Awesome news; congratulations Frank!

– Dave O’Farrell

– – – – –

Dear Dave,

Yesterday I accepted a position as Project Manager at Grenzebach Corporation in Newnan. I start next Monday. It all started when I asked you for an introduction to Michael Smallwood on LinkedIn in June. Through further networking, a phone interview, and three face-to-face interviews (in which all of the tools learned from you – résumé, networking, interview skills – were employed), I received an offer. I feel truly blessed that I will be working close to home again.

Your advice about working through the summer was also correct. For over a month, not a week went by without a phone and/or face to face interview.

None of this would have been possible without my prior (and recent) association with you and JobSeekers. I know this was a big reason that my job search took less than half the time of my previous search. God bless you and all of the Ship’s Crew for the education and inspiration given each week.

Best regards,

– Frank Vitiello