Praise the Lord, we have another big raise to report – our third week in a row. In the last two weeks, we’ve had success stories with a 30% raise and a 20% raise. This week, I have more good news to share.

This gentleman was referred to me by an excellent local recruiter. Pam, thanks very much.

At last week’s meeting, we had three people announce that they had landed good jobs, and one more person who was also there accepted a job later on Friday.

It’s been a great couple of weeks. Seven other O’Farrell CM clients landed too. Congratulations to Colby, Kathie, Diane, Tom, Carolyn, Dave, John, KJ, Dennis, Pat, Michelle, David, and Gabriel.

– Dave O’Farrell

– – – – –

Hello Dave and Pam,

Dave, I just wanted to thank you for rewriting my résumé for me in January. Pam referred me to you concerning a potential job at a logistics company in Fairburn. That did not pan out but as a result of your résumé rewrite, I’ve been on over 20 interviews with various companies since then. Some came to the offer stage (and others not) but I know it was your résumé rewriting that got me to those opportunities.

But here’s the good news… I just signed an offer letter yesterday morning with a well-known logistics company as a supervisor! The new job with salary and bonus potential pays almost $20K more than I’m currently making. Talk about a drastic change!!!

Again my thanks are heart felt and I’m so grateful for you and Pam. Your services are top notch, financially reasonable, and you did it all within a few hours of our phone conversation. Talk about service!!!

Pam, thanks for remembering me for more than one opportunity. You have an awesome reputation and are highly spoken of by everyone I have talked to in the industry. At times when the phone calls got slim you got in touch with me and said, “I’ve got this or that, are you interested?” Surfing the web for jobs does get old since the same jobs are always posted. Those emails and calls from you were definitely a breath of fresh air and the encouragement I needed to press on.

You guys have been so good to me and words cannot convey my feelings. I just wanted to try and convey them to the best of my ability. May God bless both of you in your current and future endeavors.


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