JobSeekers vs. O’Farrell CM

What’s the difference between JobSeekers and O’Farrell CM?


There are many similarities between the two. There are also some very significant differences that give O’Farrell clients the winning edge in a very competitive job market. In job search, the principles are easy – it’s the application that’s hard. O’Farrell Career Management puts the spotlight on you and your unique circumstances. Here are the top three key differentiators of JobSeekers vs. O’Farrell CM:

» Personal attention. Whether it’s your résumé, your interviewing skills, or your branding statement, you get personal attention at OCM. Take your exit statement, for instance. At JobSeekers, we teach the principles necessary to answer the question, “Why’d you leave your last position?” We also give examples of how others have answered the question and we allow time for each person to try his or her exit statement with his or her tablemates.

At O’Farrell Career Management, we draft and practice the exit statement with three participants using an iterative process that may last as long as the entire 75-minute topic at JobSeekers. We can’t do that with all 50 people in one session on a Friday morning. We use the same process for other interview questions, for networking and interview role plays, for the résumé, and for anything else that may be on the heart or mind of our client.

» Deliverables. There is a huge difference between JS and OCM on the deliverables. A typical client at OCM walks away from the very first meeting with a sharp focus, a completed résumé, and an updated LinkedIn profile. This is nothing like a seminar or webinar or blog post – where you may or may not receive good advice – and where you are left on your own to apply what you learned. We do the work for you – and with your full participation.

And as far as Market-Ready in Minimum Time™ is concerned, O’Farrell clients walk away with a full arsenal of weapons ready to attack the job market. They have the skills to ace the first interview that comes along. We have many examples of clients who had been looking for a job for more than a year, hired us and then landed a great job – even earning raises sometimes – weeks after completing our process.

» Timeframe. The curriculum at JobSeekers takes six months to complete. We cover job search strategies, résumé writing, networking methods, interview training and much more. It’s very comprehensive. People who’ve been to other ministries around Atlanta say JS is the best one they’ve attended. However, the topics we teach on any particular week may not address the most important issue you are currently facing.

We talk a lot about the monetary value of time. If for instance, your fair market value is $60,000 and it you go through the entire six-month curriculum, the cost of the JS course is $30,000. Most people aren’t willing to spend that much for a job search workshop!

One more point while we are on the subject; we cover things at OCM that we don’t at JS and vice versa. They really complement one another. Most people want to renew their income stream as soon as possible, and the most expeditious way to do that is to hire O’Farrell Career Management.

The bottom line is that you will achieve better results in a shorter period of time.

Fast. Easy. Thorough. Effective. Affordable.

That’s O’Farrell Career Management.

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